New Album Teaser

Philadelphia indie rocker Kurt Wile, who suddenly became one of the brightest American songwriters, is preparing for release a new musical material in the near future. This phenomenal event can be confirmed by the latest information disseminated by Kurt Vile and Matador Records (his recording studio with whom he collaborated in the latest work). If you visit any Kurt or Matador Records social network - you will see an interesting picture there, namely a photo of Political Yard Signs, containing the name Kurt and the figure 2018.

It is likely that in the near future we will receive a new release of Kurt, which we have been waiting for so long ago. And although the artist actively cooperates with other performers and groups, gives tours and performs at festivals - his latest solo studio album was issued in 2015 under the tittle ‘b'lieve I'm goin down’. So it's time for the new indie material from the extraordinary Kurt Vile.

Among recent works by Kurt Vile with other artists, it is worth mentioning the collaborative album with Courtney Barnett, Lotta Sea Lice, which they presented in 2017. Besides, Kurt has a lot of scheduled events for 2018, including a series of concert tours in North America, with the group The Violators.

On the one hand, Kurt's compositions are deadly boring and ordinary, but on the other, his music represents a colorful spectrum of incredibly beautiful and life-affirming things. Kurt Vile needs only a few poetic sketches to tell a great touching story. Under the songs of Kurt Vail, you want to shake off your shoulders fatigue, relax and remember that the window already reigns supreme spring. In order to hear the charm of this romantic music, it is strongly recommended to stay with it alone. And why not?

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